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Table 4 Estimates of the expenditure elasticity of demand for prescription drugs

From: What impact do prescription drug charges have on efficiency and equity? Evidence from high-income countries

Paper Type of cost sharing Expenditure elasticity
Contayannis et al. [107] (CA, NS, CD, R) Change from co-payment to co-insurance -0.16 to -0.12
Klick and Stratmann [25] (US, OS, CD, R) Mixed system -1.07
Phelps and Newhouse [122] (CA/UK, OS, CD, NR) Co-insurance -0.07a
Smart and Stabile [100] (CA, NS, CD, R) Mixed system -0.29 to -0.28
Van Vliet [97] (NE, OS, CD, R) Deductible -0.06
Van Vliet [98] (NE, OS, CD, R) Deductible -0.08
  1. aunadjusted elasticity estimate (no regression used)
  2. Country: CA = Canada; NE = The Netherlands; UK = United Kingdom; US = United States
  3. Type of study: NS = natural study; OS = observational study
  4. Type of data analyzed: CD = cross-sectional data