Thematic series
Practicing governance towards equity in health systems: LMIC perspectives and experience
Edited by Prof Lucy Gilson and Dr Ana Lorena Ruano


Thematic series
International Journal for Equity in Health 15th Anniversary
Edited by Dr Ana Lorena Ruano, Dr Efrat Shadmi and Dr Leiyu Shi

Thematic series
A panorama of health inequities in Brazil
Edited by Dr James Macinko and Dr Célia Szwarcwald


Thematic series
Interventions in primary health care to improve outcome and equity in health
Edited by Dr Leiyu Shi, Dr Ana Lorena Ruano and Dr John Furler


Thematic series
Health, equity and the post-2015 agenda: raising the voices of marginalized communities
Edited by Dr Peter Hill, Dr Ana Lorena Ruano and Mr Eric Friedman

Thematic series
Economic crisis in Europe and equity in health
Edited by Ms Amaia Bacigalupe, Dr Miguel San Sebastian and Dr Antonio Escolar Pujolar


Thematic series
Multimorbidity and equity in health
Edited by Dr Efrat Shadmi


Cross-journal collection
Open access Africa: showcasing African research