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Table 1 Disability weights of 13 chronic diseases

From: Trajectories of middle-aged and elderly people’s chronic diseases Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs): cohort, socio-economic status and gender disparities

Chronic diseases Disability weight Categories in GBD study/sources
Hypertension 0.36 Studies in Chinaa
Diabetes 0.015 WHO studiesb
Cancer 0.288 Cancer diagnosis and primary treatment
Chronic pulmonary disease 0.225 Moderate Chronic pulmonary disease
Hepatic diseasec 0.123 Decompensated liver cirrhosis lower limit value
0.006 Viral hepatitis
Heart disease 0.008 Moderate angina pectoris
Stroke 0.07 Moderate stroke
Kidney disease 0.104 Chronic kidney disease (stage 4)
Gastric diseases 0.209 Gastric bleeding lower limit value
Emotional and mental illness 0.265 Mean value of moderate anxious and depression
Memory related diseases 0.322 Mean value of moderate dementia and Parkinson’s disease
Arthritis/ rheumatism 0.080 Mean value of moderate musculoskeletal disorders
Asthma 0.036 Partly controlled asthma
  1. Notes:
  2. a Wang et al. calculated the disability weight of hypertension in China based on a large-scale data from many sources
  3. b In 2004, WHO measured the disability weight of diabetes as 0.015 with 95%CI of 0.012 to 0.018
  4. c Hepatic diseases usually include viral hepatitis, chronic hepatic diseases and hepatic cancer. In this study, we used the mean value of decompensated liver cirrhosis (the lower limit value) and viral hepatitis to measure the disability weight