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Table 3 Classification of anthropometric failure as per CIAF and distribution of participants as per CIAF categoriesa

From: Socio-economic inequality in anthropometric failure among children aged under 5 years in India: evidence from the Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey 2016–18

Categories of Undernutrition Wasting Stunting Underweight N = 30,500 (%)
A No failure No No No 18,434 51.8
B Wasting (Low weight-for-height WTHT) only Yes No No 1392 4.6
C Wasting and Underweight [Low weight-for-height (WTHT) and low weight-for-age (WTA)] Yes No Yes 1729 6.5
D Wasting, Stunting and Underweight (All three anthropometric failures) Yes Yes Yes 1222 6.0
E Stunting and Underweight [Low height-for-age (HTA) and Low weight-for-age (WTA)] No Yes Yes 3552 16.6
F Stunting only [Low height-for-age (HTA)] No Yes No 3467 11.5
G Underweight only [Low weight-for-age (WTA)] No No Yes 704 3.0
Overall CIAF B + C + D+ E + F + G     12,066 48.2
  1. a Another theoretical combination would be the children who were “wasted and stunted” but not underweight. This combination is not physically possible since a child cannot have a low WTHT and low HTA and not be underweight