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Table 1 Assumptions and values used in the respective methods

From: The financing need of equitable provision of paid maternal leave in the informal sector in Indonesia: a comparison of estimation methods

Items Method A [19] Method B [44] Modification made to method A or B for comparison
Type of intervention costed Share of paid maternity leave payment between government and firms MCT MCT+
Exchange rate Rp 13,120/US$ [50] Rp 14,236/US$ [51] Rp 14,236/US$+
Rate of cash benefit provided to employees by employers (%) 100 [8] 100 [8] No changes
Period of estimation 10 years (estimated for 2020–2030) Annual Annual+
Unit cost(s)
 Minimum wage per month (US$) 110.6^ 159.20 (39.80/week)* Minimum wage per province were updated to 2018 values+
 2/3 of minimum wage per month (US$) 106.13 (26.53/week)* Excluded++
 Family Hope cash transfer per month 168.59 (42.15/week) [52, 53] Excluded++
Poverty line per month** 36.02 (9.01/week) [54, 55] Excluded++
Percentage of working WRA 51.30 [48] 50.17 [20] 50.17+
Percentage of women working in formal/informal sector (out of working WRA 42.12 [56] (formal sector) 59.11 [20] (informal sector) 59.11 (informal sector) +
Expected coverage of women in informal sector potentially eligible to receive paid maternity leave (%) 4.5 up to 21a from 2020 to 2030 [8] 21a and 100 [8] (one year, respectively) Only 100 (one year) +, ++
Total number of WRA working informally who gave birth covered (15–49 years) 1,687,364 1,147,204 1,425,589+
Length of maternity leave 3 and 6 months [57] 13, 14, 18 and 26 weeks [57, 58] Only 3 months+, ++
Administration cost per female covered (US$) 35 (2018)*** [59] 35+
  1. +Modification made to study A, ++ Modification made to study B, ^This is national level average wage, only serves to give a rough picture of the amount for the readers, the method itself used provincial minimum wage for its calculation [56]. The wage rate used for the calculation itself was the average wage rate per province; *the wage reflects average provincial minimum wage, compiled from various provincial regulation documents; **3.2US$ PPP 2011 per day, converted into 2018 nominal value using PPP conversion of Rp5,341.5/US$ and 2019 exchange rate, ***assumed to be similar to the Family Hope Program [59], adjusted to 2018 value using CPI of 147% (2010 = 100) [60]; aMean of coverage in law of maternity leave [8]
  2. Table 1 shows the assumptions and values used in the calculation