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Table 2 Key Actions, Themes and Rating of the Malawi National Disability Mainstreaming Strategy and Implementation Plan using EquIPP

From: Exploring equity and inclusion in Malawi’s National Disability Mainstreaming Strategy and Implementation Plan

Key Action Theme Rating
KA1: Set up inclusive and participatory mechanisms T1: Inclusive and participatory policy procedure 3
KA2: Ensure the highest level of participation 4
KA3: Strengthen cross-sectional participation T2: Cross-sectoral and intergovernmental cooperation and coordination 3
KA4: Strengthen inter-governmental cooperation 3
KA5: Plan according to need T3: Matching social need and provision 5
KA6: Specify action by which special need will be addressed 5
KA7: Build equity consideration into budgets T4: Social budgeting 4
KA8: Minimise gaps between real and planned budgets 3
KA9: Devise a responsive and flexible implementation plan T5: Inclusive and responsive implementation 5
KA10: Adapt the most inclusive selection methodology 3
KA11: Select the most appropriate implementation partners T6: Implementation partnerships and cooperation 4
KA12: Encourage cooperation between agencies and service providers 3
KA13: Collect qualitative and quantitative data T7: Multi-dimensional and context driven data collection 5
KA14: Integrate, aggregate, disaggregate and share data T8: Data-fit-for -purpose 3
KA15: Select appropriate indicator dimensions 3
KA16: Share information with policy beneficiaries T9: Comprehensive and inclusive dissemination system 3
KA17: Share information with policy community 3