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Table 4 Test of DID identification hypothesis: total healthcare expenditure and reimbursement expenditure

From: Does the separating of hospital revenue from drug sales reduce the burden on patients? Evidence from China

Variables Total healthcare expenditure Nominal reimbursement expenditure Actual reimbursement expenditure Reimbursement ratio
PesudoPolicy 0.038 (0.007) 0.054 (0.007) 0.135 (0.008) 0.060 (0.001)
Covariates variables Y Y Y Y
Time fixed effects Y Y Y Y
Hospital fixed effects Y Y Y Y
Observations 281,612 281,612 281,612 281,612
R-squared 0.23 0.26 0.28 0.28
  1. Covariates variables include the gender, age, outcome, type of diseases, and so on. Robust standard errors are reported in parentheses