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Table 2 Summary of included studies

From: Mapping experiences and perspectives of equity in international health collaborations: a scoping review

First Author and last authors Year of publication Title of paper Study design Number of interviews or FGDs Kinds of participants Location of study participants
B. Jentsch; C. Pilley 2003 Research relationships between the South and the North: Cinderella and the ugly sisters? Case study analysis; interviews 2 case studies; 7 interviews Researchers United Kingdom; Bangladesh; Thailand
K.A. Muldoon; D.M. Moore 2012 Supporting Southern-led Research: Implications for North-South Research Partnerships Interviews 12 interviews Nurses; doctors; counsellors; information technology personnel; laboratory technicians; human resource managers Uganda
P. Tindana; M. Parker 2014 Ethical issues in the export, storage and reuse of human biological samples in biomedical research: perspectives of key stakeholders in Ghana and Kenya Interviews and focus group discussions 44 interviews; 6 focus groups Researchers, fieldworkers; research assistants; laboratory staff; members of ethics committees; directors of research institutions; community representatives Kenya and Ghana
F.M. Okwaro; P. W. Geissler 2015 In/dependent Collaborations: Perceptions and Experiences of African Scientists in Transnational HIV Research Ethnography (in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, informal chats, and observations with scientists and other staff) 29 interviews; 6 focus groups African scientists, laboratory technicians, mobilizers, administrators, nurses, and counsellors East Africa
K. Moodley; S. Singh 2016 “It’s all about trust”: reflections of researchers on the complexity and controversy surrounding biobanking in South Africa Interviews 21interviews Researchers (bio-medical); biobanking and governance experts South Africa
A. Walsh; E. Byrne 2016 “The way the country has been carved up by researchers”: ethics and power in North-south public health research Interviews 53 interviews Researchers (bio-medical and social science); government officials; NGOs Zambia; and Northern researchers involved research based on Zambia
M. Parker; P. Kingori 2016 Good and Bad Research Collaborations: Researchers’ Views on Science and Ethics in Global Health Research Interviews 22 interviews Principal investigators; research funders; network coordinators; clinical trial managers; epidemiologists; laboratory managers; IT specialists, and statisticians, clinical researchers and managers of research institutions South-East Asia, South Asia, East Africa, West Africa, Europe, Oceania, and North America
N.S. Munung; J de Vries 2017 Equity in international health research collaborations in Africa: Perceptions and expectations of African researchers Interviews 17 interviews Principal investigators; co-principal investigators; research 8 African countries
J. Guzman; E.R. Mendoza 2017 Ethical challenges for international collaborative research partnerships in the context of the Zika outbreak in the Dominican Republic: a qualitative case study Interviews and focus group discussions 39 (includes both interviews and focus groups) Researchers; NGOs; private organizations; government officials Dominican Republic
T.F.L. Matenga; O. Mweemba 2019 Contemporary issues in North–south health research partnerships: perspectives of health research stakeholders in Zambia Interviews 20 interviews Principal investigators; project managers; laboratory managers; clinical researchers; academic researchers; members of ethics committees; government officials Zambia
F. Binka 2005 North–South research collaborations: a move towards a true partnership? Editorial N/A N/A N/A