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Table 2 CSC Costing Categories for the Start-up and Operational Costs

From: Estimating the cost of implementing a facility and community score card for maternal and newborn care service delivery in a rural district in Uganda

Cost category Description of the category
Training Initial training costs included costs related to training of DHTsa, implementation teams, HUMCsb and VHTsc.
Refresher training costs included transport refund and refreshments provided to the participants during the refresher training that occurred before each round of scoring.
Mobilization and sensitization Costs related to mobilization and sensitization meetings held at district sub-county, parish, and community levels at the start of the project. Additional costs were incurred on media engagements including talk-shows and radio spots, and design and printing of the patient charter. During the implementation mobilization was done using a public address system and by members of the local council leadership in round two, three and four.
Coordination costs These captured costs incurred on allowances for core personnel for MakSPH (50% of the time for the CSC coordinator) involved in initial planning and design, and allowances for coordinators from the district and sub-county.
Other costs also included airtime for coordination of scoring activities.
Supervision costs This category captured costs incurred on core personnel involved in providing technical support and supervision from MakSPH and the District Health Team. Other costs included transport for regular monitoring, supervision.
Transport Transport costs included all costs spent on transportation requirements
Facilitation costs Facilitation costs included all payments made to the facilitators of the CSC meetings
Refreshments Costs on refreshments included all the costs incurred to provide meals and refreshments during the meetings
Monitoring and evaluation costs, Feedback meetings and sessions These costs included costs for the feedback and follow up meetings. The Costs incurred during these sessions included: transport refunds or allowances for participants, and refreshments.
Dissemination meetings. This comprised of costs incurred during the quarterly stakeholder meeting; refreshments and transport refund for different stakeholders, coordinators and DHT for all the five scoring rounds. Each dissemination meeting had an average of 60 participants.
Stationery This included all costs spent on stationery used during the CSC process
  1. aDHT District Health Team: bHUMCs Health Unit Management Committees:
  2. cVHTs Village Health Teams