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Table 1 Inclusion criteria for urban poverty and nutrition studies

From: Urban poverty and nutrition challenges associated with accessibility to a healthy diet: a global systematic literature review

Criteria Inclusion
Type of Literature Peer reviewed journal articles.
Type of Studies Qualitative or quantitative empirical studies.
“Intervention” Studies looking at individuals or households described as poor through income, assets, geographic location/areas lacking basic services, participation in social program for socially disadvantaged groups or those directly defined as poor through specific poverty indexes.
Level of Analysis Analyses of poor individuals, families or households settled in urban areas.
Analytical Perspective Descriptive analyses or in-depth cases looking at the urban poor. Comparative analyses comparing urban poor with urban non-poor or with rural poor.
Outcome Healthy diet, anemia, overweight and obesity, micronutrient deficiency, micronutrient malnutrition.
Target Population Urban populations. “Urban” could be defined in terms of population size, population density, type of economic activity, level of infrastructure, or a combination of these or other criteria.