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Table 2 Included mobile primary health care clinics implemented for Indigenous populations

From: Mobile primary health care clinics for Indigenous populations in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States: a systematic scoping review

Mobile clinic name Citation Year of implementation Service provider Country State/Province
Health E Screen 4 Kids ABC 2008 [50]
Elliot et al. 2010 [51]
Nguyen et al. 2015 [52]
Smith et al. 2013 [53]
Smith et al. 2015 [54]
Smith et al. 2012 [55]
2009 University of Queensland Australia Queensland
Bega Garnbirringu mobile clinic Alcohol and Other Drugs Knowledge Centre 2018 [56]
Bega Garnbirringu Health Service 2018 [57]
Not reported Bega Garnbirringu Health Service Australia Western Australia
Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation mobile clinic Australian Mobile Health Clinics Association 2015 [58]
Parliament of Australia 2014 [59]
2014 Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation Australia New South Wales
University of Queensland Indigenous Health Mobile Training Unit/Medical Outreach Boomerang van (MOB van) Australian Mobile Health Clinics Association 2015 [58]
University of Queensland 2013 [60]
Carbal Medical Service 2020 [61]
Carbal Medical Services 2014 [62]
2013 University of Queensland, Health Workforce Australia and Carbal Health Service Australia Queensland
Moorditj Djena mobile podiatry clinic Ballestas et al. 2014 [63] 2011 Derbarl Yerrigan Health Service and North and South Metropolitan Health Services Australia Western Australia
Western Desert Kidney Health mobile bus Bestel 2010 [64]
Sinclair et al. 2016 [65]
Jeffries-Stokes 2017 [66]
2010 University of Western Australia Australia Western Australia
Tulku Wan Wininn mobile clinic Budja Budja Aboriginal Cooperative 2019 [40] 2019 Budja Budja Aboriginal Cooperative Australia Victoria
Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council (QAIHC) mobile health clinic Burgess & Buchannan 2013 [67] 2013 QAIHC Australia Queensland
Goondir Health Services Mobile Medical Clinic (MMC) Goondir Health Services 2020 [68]
Goondir Health Services 2019 [69]
2010 Goondir Health Services Australia Queensland
Earbus mobile health clinics Ear bus 2020 [70]
Ear bus 2018 [71]
2014 Earbus foundation of Western Australia Australia Western Australia
Chevron-Pilbara Ear Health Program Telethon Speech & Hearing 2020 [72]
Higginbotham & Shur 2012 [73]
Krishnaswamy, Monley & Kishida 2015 [74]
Telethon Speech & Hearing 2019 [75]
2011 Telethon Speech & Hearing Australia Western Australia
Pi:Lu Bus Evins 2018 [76] 2018 Riverland Aboriginal Health Service Australia South Australia
Murchison Outreach Services mobile clinic Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service 2020 [77] Not reported Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service Australia Western Australia
Nhulundu Health Service Mobile Clinic Nhulundu Health Service 2016 [78] Not reported Nhulundu Health Service Australia Queensland
Screening for Limb, I-eye, Cardiovascular, and Kidney complications of diabetes (SLICK vans) Jin 2014 [79]
Oster et al. 2009 [80]
Oster et al. 2010a [41]
Virani et al. 2006 [81]
2001–2010 University of Alberta, First Nations and Health Canada Canada Alberta
Mobile Diabetes Screening Initiative (MDSi) Ralph-Campbell et al. 2009 [82]
Oster et al. 2010b [83]
Ralph-Campbell et al. 2011 [84]
Toth 2014 [85]
2003 Alberta Health and Wellness, Northern Regional Health Authorities and University of Alberta Canada  
Seabird Island Mobile Diabetes Telemedicine Jin 2014 [79] 2009 Seabird Island Band Canada British Columbia
Manitoba Diabetes Integration Project (DIP) Jin 2014 [79] 2008 Diabetes Integration Project, Inc. Canada Manitoba
Mobile Diabetes Telemedicine Clinic First Nations Health Authority 2019 [86]
Dawson et al. 2009 [87]
Jin 2014 [79]
Carrier Sekani Family Services 2015 [88]
2002 Carrier Sekani Family Services Canada British Columbia
Great Plains Mobile Mammography Screening Roubidoux et al. 2018 [89]
Roen et al. 2013 [90]
Rural Health Information Hub 2019 [91]
Indian Health Service 2020 [92]
2006–2018 Great Plains Area Indian Health Service United States North and South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska
Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation Mobile Health Program Mobile Healthcare Association 2020 [93]
Bylander 2017 [94]
Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation 2019 [95]
Not reported Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation United States Arizona
Winslow Indian Health Care Centre Medical Mobile Vehicle Mobile Healthcare Association 2020 [93]
Winslow Indian Health Care Centre 2020 [96]
2019 Winslow Indian Health Care Center United States Arizona
Bay Clinic Mobile Health Unit Mobile Health Map 2020 [31]
Bay Clinic 2020 [97]
Not reported Bay Clinic United States East Hawaii
Mniwiconi clinic and farm Mobile Clinic Mobile Health Map 2020 [31]
Mniwiconi clinic and farm 2019 [98]
Not reported Mniwiconi clinic and farm United States North Dakota
Wisconsin Ho-Chunk Nation mobile clinic Children’s Health Fund 2012 [99]
Mobile Healthcare Association 2020 [93]
2012 Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Health and Children’s Fund United States Wisconsin