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Table 2 Domains of feasibility and acceptability of CSC

From: Feasibility, acceptability and initial outcome of implementing community scorecard to monitor community level public health facilities: experience from rural Bangladesh

Theme Domain Qualitative theme
(participants perspective)
Data source and method of data collection
Acceptabilitya Affective attitude General attitude towards CSC intervention FGDs and KIIs with CG, CSG members, local govt. personnel, Project facilitator
Observation data from meetings
Self-efficacy View on whether they can perform the behavior required to participate in CSC implementation.
Burden View on whether amount of effort, time, human resource and cost required for CSC implementation and the opportunity cost of participation is acceptable
Perceived effectiveness Perspective on usefulness and effectiveness of CSC in achieving set target  
Feasibility Technical View on adequacy of skill, technical competence of implementing staff at CCs KII with CG,CSG members, local govt. personnel, Project facilitator
Administrative View on adequacy of staff at CC for CSC implementation
Financial Opinion on whether fund for implementing CSC is available  
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