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Table 2 Psychosocial resources developed for Indigenous people with ASD characteristics, and/or their caregivers

From: Psychosocial resources developed and trialled for Indigenous people with autism spectrum disorder and their caregivers: a systematic review and catalogue

Resource Developers Type Targeted population Registration requirements Assistance required Cost and accessibility Evaluated?
1 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples psychoeducation and support Positive Partnerships Website offering online psychoeducation with downloadable resources. Parents, teachers and community engaged with children with ASD Webinar access and community programs Community programs are run by Positive Partnerships staff Free. Online resources easily accessible. Must register for community program. Yes
2 Alert Program Study Telethon Kids Institute, Communities of the Fitzroy Valley, and Bree Wagner (lead researcher) A school-based intervention program delivered through school curriculum that teaches students about self-regulation and provides them with strategies to improve focus and emotion regulation. The program is delivered by teachers to all students, with a particular research focus on outcomes for students with FASD Initial research has finished recruitment Initial training delivered to teachers by researchers, teachers continue to implement the curriculum in the Fitzroy Valley Free. Currently delivered only in the rural area of Fitzroy Valley, Western Australia as this area is disproportionately affected by FASD. Yes – see Article F in systematic review for pilot study outcomes
3 Autism Aboriginal Way Community Facebook Group Online group providing support for Aboriginal people that identify as Autistic Caregivers of Aboriginal children and adolescents with a diagnosis of ASD Users must request to join the group and complete a short survey No Free. Access requires a Facebook account and internet access. No
4 Autism Spectrum Australia Cultural and Indigenous Support Autism Spectrum Australia Resource providing psychoeducation and support for caregivers. Parents or carers of Indigenous children with ASD No No Free. Access requires internet access. No
5 Autism Teen Wellbeing website Lead researchers Ian Shochet and Beth Saggers in collaboration with Autism CRC, Positive Partnerships, & Queensland University of Technology Website providing psychoeducation, resources, and cultural considerations for building resilience among teenagers with ASD within a multi-level approach. Using a multi-level approach highlighting parents, carers, teachers, support staff, schools, and the wider community as supports for teens with ASD No No Free. Access requires internet access. No
6 Be My Koorda Support Group Community Facebook Group and Online Website Online group for caregivers. Shares information and strategies, and holds face-to-face meetings in Koorda, Western Australia. Parents or carers of Indigenous children with ASD and other disabilities Users must request to join the social media group No Free. Access requires a Facebook account and/or internet access. Meetings restricted to Koorda, Western Australia. No
7 Early Days Workshops for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC) and Early Days – Promoting Development of Young Children on the Autism Spectrum Educational workshops (online and face-to-face) to build resilience and provide information about Autism and intervention approaches.
Access to local services during assessment and after diagnosis.
Parents or carers of young children with ASD, up to 6 years of age Registration required Yes, face-to-face workshops are delivered by Early Days staff in each state and territory to compliment online workshops Free. Online workshops available to all. Face-to-face workshops have to be organised with the Early Days Team in each state or territory. Yes: by Aboriginal parent, child care worker, and SNAICC. Ongoing post-workshop parent evaluations.
8 Early Intervention: Indigenous Liaison Officer Program
Autism Queensland Resource increasing awareness of childhood disability and diagnosis, benefits of early intervention, and links to culturally relevant services. Parents, carers, families and communities of Indigenous children with ASD No No Free. Available to all seeking support and information. Requires internet access No
9 Four Directions Autism website Volunteer-run support group Website providing psychoeducational resources and support for parents. Parents of First Nations children with ASD No No Free. Online resources easily accessible. No
10 Paediatric Child Health and Education Services (PATCHES) PATCHES Diagnostic and neuropsychology assessments for FASD, ASD, and other developmental disorders; a range of therapy services; and outreach programs. Uniting schools and families with clinicians to support those with FASD, ASD, or other learning or developmental difficulties who live in remote and regional areas Registration required Yes Free. Available in key communities in Western Australia, Northern Territory, New South Wales, and Tasmania. No
11 Takiwātanga Māori Autism Support Group Community Facebook Group Online support for whānau (family) who have a child with ‘Takiwātanga’ (Autism) through the diagnosis system. Whānau (family) who have a child or family member with ‘Takiwātanga’ (Autism) Users must request to join the social media group No Free. Access requires a Facebook account and internet access. No