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Table 9 Cohort 2 Quotations about the Impact of the Intervention

From: A case study of using the He Pikinga Waiora Implementation Framework: challenges and successes in implementing a twelve-week lifestyle intervention to reduce weight in Māori men at risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity

Positive Impacts for IndividualsPositive Impacts for WhānauWhy It Worked
My breathing is a lot better. I sleep better and don’t snore as much.They are happy I’m getting healthy. They are getting healthy too. We eat better and the kids are playing outside more. I think we are happier.Knowing I was getting weighed and measured by the nurse. She had good information.
I feel way better and have more energy. I’m eating less rubbish. I feel fitter.My whānau are proud that I’m making good changes and they awhi (support) me and I awhi them. They are doing good. I think we are healthier and talking more.The nurse giving information about food and how she spoke to me.
I eat healthier kai (food). Less fat and sugar. I am feeling healthierWe eat better as a whānau. Eat more veggies and drink more water. My Mrs. loves it.Someone there watching me and helping
Don’t get as shy like I used to.Me and my whānau talk and get out more. The kids are playing outside heaps more now. We just talk about kai (food) now and how I want us to be eating better kai and doing more things without phones and computers.Talking with us all the time.