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Table 8 Pre-intervention/Post-Intervention outcomes for Cohort 2

From: A case study of using the He Pikinga Waiora Implementation Framework: challenges and successes in implementing a twelve-week lifestyle intervention to reduce weight in Māori men at risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity

OutcomeCronbach’s alphaNPrePost
Weight (kg) at 12 weeks  24123.6322.74**117.7920.06
BMI at 12 weeks  2437.947.02**36.156.18
Self-rated health (100-point scale with 100 as highest)  832.5018.32**80.0015.11
HRQOL (100-point scale).92.83861.5219.33**96.077.01
Total days with 30 min moderate/15 min vigorous
Nutrition (9 items; 1–6 with 1 = highest nutrition).668943.420.442.330.92
  1. **p < .01, *p < .05