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Table 4 Sampling framework

From: “Everything is provided free, but they are still hesitant to access healthcare services”: why does the indigenous community in Attapadi, Kerala continue to experience poor access to healthcare?

  Irula Muduga Kurumba Total
Indigenous Community IDI: 9, FGD:1 IDI: 7, FGD: 1 IDI: 8, FGD: 4 IDIs: 24, FGD: 6
Healthcare Providers Doctors CHWsa Othersb  
  8 6 3 IDIs: 17
Key Informants Academia Indigenous health experts   
  2 4   IDIs: 6
Participant Observation Community Health Facilities Tribal Health Projectsc  
  24 26 2 52 units
  1. 1CHWs involved both Indigenous and non-Indigenous frontline healthcare workers working in the government health system in Attapadi
  2. 2Staff working at the various health facilities other than doctors, nurses or CHWs
  3. 3Refers to participation observation carried out at the health facilities of two tribal health projects that were visited outside Attapadi