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Table 1 Data collection methods

From: Influence of community scorecards on maternal and newborn health service delivery and utilization

Data Collection Method Sample size Period of data collection Participants
KIIs 17 12 done one year after implementation (June 2018) and 5 after one year and half of implementation (November 2018) District Development Officers, Sub-county Chiefs, LC Chairpersons, HUMC Chair persons, DHT members, Secretary for Health, RDC and the DISO, Facility in charges and midwives
FGDs 10 One year after the start of implementation (June 2018) 5 FGD’s with 10- 12 men
5 FGD’s with 10-12 women
Review of stakeholder meeting reports 5 meetings with 30- 40 stakeholders Quarterly after every scoring ( November 2017 to November 2018) District Development Officers, sub-county Chiefs, LC Chairpersons, HUMC chair persons, DHT members, Secretary for health, RDC and DISO, facility in charges