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Table 1 Search Terms, Inclusion, and Exclusion Criteria

From: Connecting knowledge with action for health equity: a critical interpretive synthesis of promising practices

Search Terms
Connecting knowledge with action(knowledge OR evidence OR research OR guideline*) near to (utiliz* OR utilis* OR uptake OR transfer OR translat* OR transmit* OR transmission OR effectiveness OR populari* OR exchange OR synthes* OR transform* OR linkage* OR disseminat* OR implement* OR exchange)
Focus on health equity(health OR social) near to (inequit* or equit* or equal* or unequal* or justice* or injustice* or disparit*)
Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria
Inclusion Criteria1. Empirical studies (research, systematic literature reviews, syntheses)
2. Published post-publication of Commission on Social Determinants of Health (2008–2016)
3. Implicit or explicit knowledge-to-action intention
4. Orientation to addressing health inequities
5. Problematized health inequities by citing evidence of socioeconomic, historical, political roots and/or the maldistribution of resources, money, and power (e.g., CSDH)
6. Study is clearly positioned in a productive orientation toward root causes of inequities (i.e., seeks to acknowledge, illuminate, or interrupt root causes).
Exclusion Criteria1. Naturalized systematic differences in health and health outcomes
2. Did not discuss role of power and privilege in health inequities
3. Orientations toward root causes were not productive (disregard, distract, discredit)
4. Did not present an argument about how to connect knowledge to action for health equity
5. Did not present results (e.g., study protocol)