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Table 2 Descriptive statistics: sample characteristics

From: Households forgoing healthcare as a measure of financial risk protection: an application to Liberia

 % of householdsNumber of Households in sample (n)
Household size
Household age composition
 Presence of children < 5 years55%2353
 Presence of adults > 60 years14%715
Age of head of household
 < 25 years old9%291
 25–34 years old27%1017
 35–44 years old27%1138
 45–54 years old20%848
 > 54 years old17%791
Education of head of household
 Some or completed primary12%609
 Some or completed secondary38%1399
 More than secondary7%172
Gender of head of household
Suffered a health shock (chronic or severe illness, accident, or death)
  1. Source: Liberia Household income and expenditure survey, 2014