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Table 1 Summary analysis of global UHC policy documents

From: How is equity approached in universal health coverage? An analysis of global and country policy documents in Benin and Senegal

Document No.SourceTitle# pages# occurrences “equit*”# occurrences “equal*”# occurrences “disparit*”Levels of equity consideredTypes of inequity considered (stratifiers)
Broadly speaking/ undefinedSocial determinants and/or health behaviours and/or risk factorsHealth outcomesHealth systems and/or policies and/or distribution of resources/funds/expenditureAccess to (quality) healthcare/services and/or coverage and/or use of servicesFunding/ financing (contribution)Financial protection (access) and/or benefit entitlement and/or risk equalisationAcross countriesIncome/ wealth/ povertyEducationUndefined / other socio-economic aspects (e.g. occupation, financial protection schemes)Geographic: regions and/or urban/ruralGenderAgeCulture/ ethnicity/ religion/ migrants
G1WHO 2008World Health Report 2008: Primary health care: Now more than ever [2]148168825xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
G2WHO 2010World Health Report 2010: Health Systems Financing: The path to universal coverage [30]12841321xxxxxxx x xx  x
G3WHO 2013World Health Report 2013: Research for Universal Health Coverage [31]1682710x  xx x x      
G4WHO 2013Arguing for Universal Health Coverage [32]402320x    xx x xxx x
G5WHO 2013Universal Health Coverage: Supporting Country Needs [33]12970xx  x x xx xxxx
G6WHO & WB 2013Background document Towards UHC: concepts, lessons and public policy challenges [34]4230    xx  x x    
G7WB 2013The Impact of Universal Coverage Schemes in the Developing World [35]1512190x xxx          
G8Rockefeller Foundation, Save the Children, UNICEF and WHO 2013Universal Health Coverage: A Commitment to Close the Gap [36]84373264xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
G9WHO & WB 2014Monitoring progress towards universal health coverage at country and global levels – Framework, measures and targets [25]142000    x x x  xx  
G10ILO 2014Universal Health Protection: Progress to date and the way forward [29]13052200 x xxx xx xxxxx
G11WB 2013Going Universal – How 24 Developing Countries Are Implementing Universal Health Coverage Reforms from the Bottom Up [37]28951270  xxxxx x xxx  
G12WHO/ regional office for Africa 2015The African Health Monitor Special issue: Universal Health Coverage [38]765165   xxxx x  x   
G13WHO & WB 2015Tracking universal health coverage: first global monitoring report [1]98352211xxxxx xxxxxxx  
G14WHO 2016Health financing country diagnostic: a foundation for national strategy development [39]5862220   xxxx x xx   
G15WHO 2016Public Financing for Health in Africa: from Abuja to the SDGs [40]921210   xx x   x    
G16WHO 2017Global Report: New Perspectives on Global Health Spending for Universal Health Coverage [41]40420x    x x  x    
G17WHO 2017Together on the road to universal health coverage – a call to action [42]389100x  xx   x x xx 
G18WHO 2017Developing a national health financing strategy: a reference guide [43]442020   x [UHC intermediate obj.]x [final coverage goal]xx [final coverage goal]   xx   
G19WHO & WB 2017Tracking universal health coverage: 2017 global monitoring report [43]8812430x   x xxxx xxx 
G20WHO/Regional Office for Africa 2017The state of health in the WHO African Region: an analysis of the status of health, health services and health systems in the context of the SDGs [44]18438(8)*2xxxxxxxx       
Total (out of 20 documents):127713181214715512131046
  1. Note: The number of occurrences presented is the number of relevant occurrences: excluding in references and index/contents, and excluding adverbial use of equal* [equally, equal to, etc.]
  2. * SDGs