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Table 3 Association between selected socio-geographic and health system factors and the geographical distribution of maternal and child health care utilization in 46 districts of Ethiopia, December 2016–February 2017

From: Geographic differences in maternal and child health care utilization in four Ethiopian regions; a cross-sectional study

Explanatory variablesaEstimateStandard errort-valuep valueVifb
Antenatal care visits four times or more
 Mean age of the women0.0130.0152.1570.037**1.652
 Mean education level of the women−0.0180.024−0.7980.4291.672
 The proportion of households with a mobile phone−0.0020.0000.9110.3681.606
 Proportion of households with a radio0.0000.0001.0830.2851.799
 Proportion of women’s ownership of households−0.0020.004− 0.5440.5891.157
 Proportion of women having a family health card0.0030.0021.4370.1591.240
 Mean parity−0.1110.039−2.8820.006**1.724
Health facility delivery
 Mean age of the women0.010.0160.5910.5582.578
 Mean number of pregnancies−0.1060.162− 0.6520.5181.812
 Mean number of antenatal care visits0.0070.0023.0130.004**1.721
 The proportion of women participating in women’s development groups0.0010.0020.6460.5221.167
 Proportion of women having a family health card0.0030.0021.4840.1451.196
 Mean parity−0.0060.055−0.1210.9044.207
Full immunization
 Mean distance to the health post−0.0010.001− 0.910.3681.406
 Family size−0.050.048−1.050.2991.515
 Mean radio availability in the household−0.170.172−0.9870.3301.154
 Mean mobile phone availability in the household0.2060.1091.8960.046**1.274
 Mean elevation−0.0000.000−0.650.5191.273
 Mean age of the child (in month)0.0460.0311.4980.1431.209
 The proportion of male children−0.1950.225−0.8670.3921.705
 Proportion of household with health post in their kebele0.1790.2290.7850.4371.265
Sick child care utilization
 The proportion of household with health post in their kebele0.0070.0051.3370.1891.15
 The proportion of male children0.0040.0080.5300.5991.153
 Mean distance to health post (reported)−0.0040.004−1.2120.2321.055
  1. ** Significance at p-value < 0.05
  2. aThe estimation was done at district level
  3. bVariance inflation factor