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Table 2 The abortion law in Tanzania.

From: Health, life and rights: a discourse analysis of a hybrid abortion regime in Tanzania

Legal status of abortion Illegal, highly restrictive
Grounds for legal abortion
1.To save the life of the woman 1. Yes
2.To preserve physical/mental health 2. No
3. Rape or incest 3. No
4. Foetal impairment 4. No
5. Economic/social reasons incl. 5. No
Who decides that abortion can be legally performed? One health care worker can decide without consulting others, profession not specified
Where can abortion be performed? Health facility, level not specified
Procedural guidelines for safe abortion services No
Criminal punishment for violating restrictions Abortionist: Imprisonment up to 14 years
Woman: Imprisonment up to 7 years
Others involved: Imprisonment up to 3 years