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Table 4 Examples of quotes for the categories at International level

From: Judicialization of access to medicines in four Latin American countries: a comparative qualitative analysis



Right to health in the International Human Right treaties and essential medicines definition

“… We all know that Big Pharma has been the most important lobbyist for pushing UN, WHO, everyone, to make the right to health a fundamental right in all countries, as it was clear [for pharmaceutical industry] that the people individually would not be able to buy and pay for the costs of their products, and the best thing about it was that the states have to pay for [the medicines]” (Colombia, Patient).

The market and the Innovation model and intellectual property protection – TRIPS

“I think that [judicialization] is closely related to the R&D model; and to how the pharmaceutical industry resolved the price issue very easily by means of what would be called third-party payer models. Thus, for them, it is no longer a problem that medicines may cost COP 600 million pesos or COP 700 million pesos patient/year, because in the end it is not the patient himself that pays, but the [health] system” (Colombia, professional).