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Table 1 Top five punching above their weight countries and bottom five at each level of development (2015)

From: Punching above their weight: a network to understand broader determinants of increasing life expectancy

Low income Middle Income High Income
Top performers (top row punches most above weight)
 Nepal Honduras Japan
 Madagascar Viet Nam Spain
 Rwanda Nicaragua Chile
 Liberia Bangladesh Greece
 Ethiopia Solomon Islands South Korea
Bottom performers (bottom row punches the most below weight)
 Central African Republic Swaziland Brunei Darussalam
 Mali Cote d’Ivoire Saudi Arabia
 South Sudan Nigeria Trinidad and Tobago
 Chad Angola Qatar
 Sierra Leone Equatorial Guinea Kuwait
  1. Note: Performance is defined as the distance from the regression line linking life expectancy at birth (2015) [28] and gross domestic product (2015) [29]