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Table 1 Description and coding of control variables

From: Determinants of National Health Insurance enrolment in Ghana across the life course: Are the results consistent between surveys?

Variable Coding
Sex Coded dichotomously using the category male as reference.
Marital Status Grouped into 4 categories: married/cohabiting; never married; separated/divorced and widowed. Reference category: married/cohabiting.
Education Converted into 4 categories from none to tertiary education with no formal education as reference category.
Age Treated as a categorical variable:
Younger adults:
(18-29,30-39,40-49) with 18-29 used as reference category
Older adults:
(50-59, 60-69, 70+) with 50-59 used as reference category.
Employment status Converted into 2 categories with not currently employed in the informal sector as reference category.
Wealth Wealth tertile. Reference category: Lower third.
Region 10 regions of Ghana. Reference: Greater Accra.
Residence Coded dichotomously. Reference: Rural.
Disability Coded dichotomously into yes -suffering from disabilities that limit his/her full participation in life activities- and no – not suffering from disabilities that limit his/her full participation in life activities. Latter was used as the reference category.