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Table 3 Cost and resource use in included studies

From: Interventions for preventing or treating malnutrition in homeless problem-drinkers: a systematic review

Study Intervention Outcome Measure and Findings (USD)a
 Darnton-Hill 1986 Vitamin C, B complex, and thiamine regimen Cost / day AUD (USD): 0.168 (0.12)
B complex capsule Cost / day AUD (USD): 0.085 (0.06)
Thiamine tablet 50 mg Cost / day AUD (USD): 0.035 (0.03)
Vitamin C tablet 500 mg Cost / day AUD (USD): 0.048 (0.03)
 Darmon 2009 Vitamin fortified chocolate spread plus street food Cost of one RDA diet EUR(USD): 3.64 (5.07)
Food aid meal along with street food Cost of one RDA diet EUR(USD): 4.78 (6.6)
Street food alone Cost of one RDA diet EUR(USD): 5.6 (7.7)
 Garden 2013 2000 kcal day-food pack Average cost USD: 1.3–1.5
 Murakami 2013 Breakfast (400 kcal) Cost of one meal R$ (USD): 0.5 (0.15)
Lunch (1200 kcal) Cost of one meal R$ (USD): 1.0 (0.31)
 Tarasuk 1994 Communal cooking and dining in shelter kitchen Staff needed to co-ordinate: 1 person
  1. aUSD values (In brackets) when the reported cost values were in other currencies calculated using historical exchange rates for the respective publication year’s January