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Table 2 Summary of the Interview Questions

From: The imperative for systems thinking to promote access to medicines, efficient delivery, and cost-effectiveness when implementing health financing reforms: a qualitative study

1. If the government made it compulsory for public sector employees to join the public employees medical scheme; in your opinion, what would be the potential impacts on the following areas of the health system:
a) Level of financial resources to purchase essential health goods and services for different population groups?
b) Access to and utilization of essential medicines and other health technologies by different population groupsa?
c) Quality of health goods and services available within both the private and public sectors?
d) Efficiency in resource utilization within the health system to produce the desired health outputs?
e) How cost-effectively the health system selects interventions to meet the population health needs?
2. Overall, what are the potential merits and demerits of this proposed policy reform in the effort towards universal health coverage?
3. What can health system stewards do to mitigate the potential negative impacts of the proposed reform?
  1. aFurther clarification was provided to include comparisons between the urban –rural populations; those using private-public sector facilities; those employed and unemployed