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Table 1 A Priori Framework

From: Access to primary health care services for Indigenous peoples: A framework synthesis

Stage One: Perceptions of Need and Desire for Health Care
 • Ability to Perceive  
 • Approachability  
Stage Two: Health Care Seeking
 • Ability to Seek  
 • Acceptability  
Stage Three: Health Care Reaching
 • Ability to Reach  
 • Availability and Accommodation  
Stage Four: Health Care Utilisation
 • Ability to Pay  
 • Affordability  
Stage Five: Consequences of Accessing Care
 • Ability to Engage  
 • Appropriateness  
  1. Findings within each of these five stages were then thematically analysed by one of the authors and an interpretation of the key characteristics developed through a consultative process involving all members of the research team