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Table 2 Themes and Sub-themes

From: Interpretive policy analysis: Marshallese COFA migrants and the Affordable Care Act

A Priori Themes Sub-themes
1) Understanding. Participants’ understanding of the ACA and related policies In-depth understanding Lack of understanding Lack of understanding because of poor follow up Lack of understanding about insurance premiums, co-pays, and who accepts their insurance Lack of understanding and frustration about tax penalties
2) Experience. Participants’ experiences with ACA and related policies Some get approved and some do not The ACA is not affordable Improving the experience
3) Effect. Participants’ description of how the ACA and related policies’ effect participants/community health Health status Treatment differences
Emergent Themes Sub-themes
4) Relational/Historical Lenses. Participants’ view of the policies in relation to the Compact of Free Association, U.S. nuclear testing, use of their land, and the current relationship with the U.S. military Friendship agreement Nuclear testing Value of land Military Service
5) Economic Contribution. Participants’ view of the policies in relation to participant contributions to state and federal taxes and the local economy  
6) Plea. Participants’ discuss their desire to have their voices and experiences heard and their culture’s method of advocacy Hear our voices Culture and advocacy Good friends