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Table 3 Factor analysis of the quality of care scale

From: Health insurance and quality of care: Comparing perceptions of quality between insured and uninsured patients in Ghana’s hospitals

Rotated component matrixa
  1 2 3 4 5 6
Financial access
 NHIS pays the cost of all treatment .721      
 Cost of services are affordable .711      
 Exempted patients are treated free of charge .708      
 Only official fees are charged .570      
Fairness of care
 Staff treat all patients fairly   .764     
 Quality of drugs is same for all patients   .763     
 Patients are treated on first-come-first-served basis   .620     
 Very ill patients are treated first   .586     
Adequacy of resources & services
 Doctors are sufficient    .784    
 Supplies are sufficient    .739    
 Rooms in OPD are sufficient    .673    
 Waiting time is reasonable    .651    
 Drugs are available    .473    
Effectiveness of treatment
 Pharmacy instructions are clear     .585   
 Treatment is effective for recovery and cure     .501   
 Quality drugs are given to patients     .445   
Technical care
 Patients are told diagnosis      .738  
 Patients are physically examined      .615  
 Lab. and other tests are done      .610  
 Patients are involved in their care      .557  
Interpersonal care
 Staff show compassion & support to patients       .865
 Staff are polite & respectful to patients       .861
  1. Extraction Method: Principal Component Analysis
  2. Rotation Method: Varimax with Kaiser Normalization
  3. a. Rotation converged in 6 iterations