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Table 1 Definitions of access dimensions based on Levesque et a.l [24]

From: Equity of access to primary healthcare for vulnerable populations: the IMPACT international online survey of innovations

Supply-side dimensions of accessibility of services Definitions Demand-side abilities of patients to access services Definitions
Approachability Approachability of services relates to the fact that people facing healthcare needs can identify that some form of services exists, can be reached, and have an impact on their health. Ability to perceive Ability to perceive translates into the ability of people to identify their needs for care.
Acceptability Acceptability of services relates to social and cultural factors determining the possibility for people to accept the aspects of a service. Ability to seek Ability to seek healthcare relates to factors that would determine expressing the intention to obtain healthcare.
Availability and accommodation Availability and accommodation refers to the fact that health services (either the physical space or those working in healthcare roles) can be reached both physically and in a timely manner. Ability to reach Ability to reach healthcare relates to factors that would enable one person to physically reach service providers.
Affordability Affordability reflects the economic capacity for people to spend resources and time to use appropriate services. Ability to pay Ability to pay for healthcare is described as the capacity to generate economic resources to pay for healthcare services without catastrophic expenditure of resources required for basic necessities.
Appropriateness Appropriateness denotes the fit between services and clients' needs, its timeliness, the amount of care spent in assessing health problems and determining the correct treatment and the technical and interpersonal quality of the services provided. Ability to engage Ability to engage in healthcare relates to the participation and involvement of the client in decision-making and treatment decisions, which is in turn strongly determined by capacity and motivation to participate in care and commit to its completion.