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Table 7 Model fitting indices of CFA

From: Quality of life of young clinical doctors in public hospitals in China’s developed cities as measured by the Nottingham Health Profile (NHP)

Fitting indices Adaptive value Results Fitting
χ2   918.321 Yes
χ2/df <2 1.391 Yes
RMR <0.08: good 0.008 Yes
RMSEA <0.05: excellent 0.023 Yes
GFI >0.90 0.940 Yes
AGFI >0.90 0.932 Yes
IFI >0.90 0.940 Yes
TLI >0.90 0.936 Yes
CFI >0.90 0.940 Yes
PNFI >0.50 0.766 Yes
PCFI >0.50 0.882 Yes
  1. c 2 Chi-square; c2/df = Chi-square / degree of freedom, RMR root mean square residual, RMSEA root mean square error of approximation, GFI goodness-of-fit index, AGFI adjusted goodness-of-fit index, IFI incremental fit index, TLI Tacker-Lewis index, CFI comparative fit index, PNFI parsimony normed index, PCFI parsimony comparative fit index