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Table 4 Key activities needed to improve the social determinants of health in Nakuru

From: Social determinants of health and health inequities in Nakuru (Kenya)



1. Improve environmental health within the specific SDH.

1. Develop programs to reduce poverty.

2. Ensure coordination of activities carried out by all the stakeholders and mobilize intersectoral action.

2. Enhance and increase public infrastructures to match demand.

3. Boost cooperation, foster partnerships and capacity building between stakeholders.

3. Develop a strategic health plan that will involve all stakeholders, including children, women, elderly and other disadvantaged groups.

4. Increase health awareness and healthy lifestyle among residents through health education, promotion and advocacy.

4. Make sure that public policies are compatible with healthy living and urbanization.

5. Improve community mobilization and participation in health oriented programs and forum.

5. Insure good management and accountability of public funds.

6. Encourage efficiency in law enforcement, especially in the Public Health and Environment Departments of the municipality.

6. Develop practical methodologies for monitoring social gaps and inequalities quantitatively and qualitatively.


7. Monitor and evaluate the performance of programs.


8. Update health personnel knowledge on new technologies.