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Table 1 Selected interview questions

From: Knowledge brokers, companions, and navigators: a qualitative examination of informal caregivers’ roles in medical tourism

Question Sub-probes
In your experience, what is the typical relationship between patients and their travel companions? What are some of the common characteristics of travel companions?
What are some of the reasons that you interact with travel companions? Before arrival? While abroad? Upon returning home?
What kinds of responsibilities do you commonly see travel companions taking on? In relation to: communication; symptom monitoring; hands-on care; corresponding with friends and family at home; providing emotional support to the patient; providing spiritual support to the patient; making arrangements; travel and tourism activities; other relevant activities?
Have you ever experienced a situation where a travel companion’s health worsened or improved while they were abroad (both in hospital or after discharge)? How common is this? What could be the cause of their worsened or improved health? Can you think of any problems, stresses, difficulties that travel companions face while the patient is in hospital and after discharge?