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Table 1 Search strategy for electronic databases

From: Influence of mhealth interventions on gender relations in developing countries: a systematic literature review

Search category Mobile phones   Maternal and child health-related interventions   Gender relations
Search terms mobile phone(s); cellular phone(s); cell phone(s); mobile; phone(s); mobile-based; SMS; text(s); text-message(s); audio message(s); smart phone(s); mobile health; mHealth; eHealth AND health; maternal; birth(s); child(ren); delivery; obstetric; neonatal; pregnancy; anemia; preeclampsia; HIV; AIDS; malaria; antenatal; abortion; tuberculosis; postpartum; family planning; sexual; sex; reproductive AND gender; sex; women; female; relations; interaction(s); equity; inequity; equality; inequality; men; male; participation; empower(ment); (wo)men’s role(s); autonomy; violence; safety; literacy; economic; mobility; status; access; capacity; communication(s)