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Table 2 Examples of healthy living initiatives in BC and ON according to mechanism of delivery: direct programs, blueprints and building blocks

From: Social determinants of health in Canada: Are healthy living initiatives there yet? A policy analysis

Direct Program Food Skills for Families EatRight Ontario
  A six week cooking program that is administered to 'at-risk' target populations. The program is administered by community facilitators, who have been trained by the BCHLA (the organization that offers this initiative). Offers Ontarians free dietitian services on healthy eating and nutrition through a website, email, and toll-free number.
Blueprint LEAP BC Teach Nutrition Programs and Resources
  A set of written resources with activity ideas to help parents, caregivers and early learning practitioners encourage healthy eating and physical activity in young children. A set of programs, written resources and workshops to help early childhood, elementary, and middle school teachers teach their students about nutrition and healthy eating.
Building Blocks Breakfast for Learning BC HC Link
  A program offering grants for start-up of community and school-based snack programs directed at children and youth and BC that include an educational component. An organization that provides services to community organizations that aim to develop health promotion programs. Services include consultations, workshops and resources related to program planning, implementation, and evaluation.