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Table 1 Distribution of County Level Socio-Economic Status and Healthcare Access Variables (%) of 2008 SCBRFS Participants from 83 Michigan Counties, 2000

From: Healthcare access and mammography screening in Michigan: a multilevel cross-sectional study

  Facilitiesa Personnela Affluenceb Disadvantagec Immigrationd Percent Blacke
Low 49.35 48.07 42.57 61.04 53.05 35.52
High 50.65 51.93 57.43 38.96 46.97 64.48
  1. aPersonnel and Facilities, two measures of health care access were defined using principal components analysis on the count per 10,000 population of several variables by county: hospitals, mammography facilities, MDs, DOs and nurse practitioners
  2. bConcentrated affluence was based on PCA of county level proportion of individuals making over $100,000, proportion over 25 years with a college degree and the proportion of white collar workers
  3. cConcentrated disadvantage was based on PCA of county level proportion of persons in poverty, proportion of families with a female-headed household, proportion of households that are food stamp recipients, and proportion of unemployed
  4. dConcentrated immigration was based on PCA of the proportion of foreign born individuals and the proportion of non-English speaking individuals
  5. ePercent black was categorized as low if less than 6% and high if 6% or more