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Table 1 Description of the Study Sites

From: The financial protection effect of Ghana National Health Insurance Scheme: evidence from a study in two rural districts

  Nkoranza district Offinso district
Demographic and health services   
Total population 128,960 138,676
Rural population (%) 69 58
Economic status (administratively classified) "deprived" "less deprived"
Number of hospitals 1 2
Number of public health centers 12 7
Number of private and mission clinics 1 6
NHIS administrative data   
% population registered 45 36
Registration fee (Cedi) 20,000-30,000 20,000-50,000
Annual premium (Cedi) 80,000 150,000
Benefit package 95% of disease conditions. Various services, drugs, and tests belonging to outpatient services, inpatient care, oral health, maternity care, and emergency care.
  1. Sources: Ghana districts, Health System 20/20 Project and Ghana Health Services (2009).
  2. Note: Figures on total and rural populations come from 2000 census. All other values are current as of 2007.
  3. Cedi is old Ghana Cedi 2007 current value; exchange rate: 1 USD = 9,302 Cedi (2007)