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Table 2 Opportunities and challenges for men's involvement in HIV/AIDS caregiving

From: Occupational segregation, gender essentialism and male primacy as major barriers to equity in HIV/AIDS caregiving: Findings from Lesotho

Opportunities Challenges
Men's physical strength/lifting and transporting patients Perception of men's dishonesty/womanizing/untrustworthiness/promiscuity
Psychological flexibility Perception that men will sexualize care situations
Safe mobility Women's sense of modesty/decorum
Influencing other men to get tested and give care to other men Traditional prohibitions against entering spaces where women need to be alone; or that father-in-law cannot care for daughter-in-law
Ease of communication with other men HIV/AIDS caregiving is unpaid labour
Intimate tasks with men  
Sharing and solidarity with women Male breadwinner status and unwillingness to work without financial incentives
Knowledge of first aid Men's loss of discretionary time
Men can keep secrets Appropriation of women's social role
Financial incentive for community health workers Ridicule