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Table 1 Summary of themes

From: How does informal employment affect health and health equity? Emerging gaps in research from a scoping review and modified e-Delphi survey

Category Theme Pathway N. of paper
Health implication Micro determinants of work-related health inequity (N = 36) Harmful working conditions - occupational exposures, hazards, and risk factors (physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic, and psychosocial hazards) 24a
Material deprivation & economic inequalities 1a
Access to health care (Health system) 6a
Behavioral, psychosocial, and physio-pathological pathways 1
No specific mechanism 3
Macro determinants of work-related health inequity (N = 19) Political power relations; intermediary labour market and welfare state policies leading to health inequities 3
Gender 14a
Labour migration 2a
Policy intervention (N = 13) Health insurance policy 11
Occupational health and safety 3
Right to refuse dangerous work 1
  1. aPapers were counted multiple times into relevant categories of research