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Table 2 Prevalence of Community Organisations and Social Welfare Schemes in Slums and Underserved (U/S) Areas (n = 3114)

From: An analysis of the gender and social determinants of health in urban poor areas of the most populated cities of Pakistan

Types of Groups and Schemes in 3114 Urban Slum or Underserved Areas in Eight Cities No. % Availability in Slums & U/S Areas
Informal Groups Masjid/Church, Zakat, School or Health Committees, Unregistered Community-Based Organisations, Jirga/Punchaiyat 1082 35%
Civil Society Organisation Education, Health, Loans, Water, Human Rights 72 2.3%
Social Welfare Scheme Loan and Stipend Schemes, Social Benefit Cards, Vocational Skill program. 1512 49%