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Table 3 Association Between Recent Sex Work Community Participation And STI Seropositivity Among Sex Workers In Vancouver, Bc, [2010–2019] (N = 943)

From: Sex work community participation in criminalized environments: a community-based cohort study of occupational health impacts in Vancouver, Canada: 2010–2019

  Outcome: STI seropositivity
Unadjusted Odds Ratio (95% CI) Adjusted Odds Ratio (95% CI)
Participated in sex work community organizinga
(yes vs. no)
0.69 (0.50–0.94) 0.66 (0.45–0.96)*
  1. aTime updated to capture events in the last 6 months
  2. * GEE confounder model adjusted for hypothesized confounders, including racialization, average weekly income from servicing clientsa, living in the City of Vancouver, sexual minority, trans identity, im/migration to Canada, and experienced rapea