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Table 2 SWOT operational definitions and examples of classification of information based on this analysis

From: Breastfeeding media coverage and beliefs during the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico: implications for breastfeeding equity

Category Operational definitiona Example
Strengths Current actions, messages, policies, or programs that enable breastfeeding The Mexican Ministry of Health promoting breastfeeding continuation during the COVID-19 pandemic
Weaknesses Actions, messages, policies, or programs currently in place that negatively affect breastfeeding Newborns separated from their mothers during the birth hospitalization due to fear of virus transmission from mothers to newborns.
Opportunities Actions, messages, policies, or programs not currently in place that may enable breastfeeding United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Mexico and the Mexican government initiating a new Cooperation Program for the 2020–2025 period.
Threats Actions, messages, policies or programs not currently in place that may negatively affect breastfeeding The COVID-19 pandemic projected to have collateral effects on health, not directly associated to the virus transmission, such as reduction in breastfeeding rates, delay in diagnoses, and mental health issues
  1. aAdapted from Ferré-Eguiluz et al. [56]