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Table 1 Inequalities in COVID-19 disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), Scotland, 2020

From: Inequalities in population health loss by multiple deprivation: COVID-19 and pre-pandemic all-cause disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) in Scotland

Measure of inequality COVID-19 Pre-pandemic all-cause
DALYs lower limit DALYs upper limit
Absolute rate difference (/100,000 population) 1694 1878 20,667
Relative rate difference 2.61 2.58 1.97
Relative Index of Inequality 1.16 1.16 0.84
Slope Index of Inequality (/100,000 population) 2048 2289 26,241
Attributable risk (%) 40% 40% 31%
Attributable risk (N) 38,925 43,284 535,298
  1. ‘DALYs’ denote disability-adjusted life years; attributable risk is the theoretical percentage/number of DALYs that could have been averted if all socioeconomic groups had the same observed DALY rate as the least deprived group