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Table 4 Standardized weights of the structural model vaccine Access

From: Determinants of access to the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine: a preliminary approach

Indicator Path β
Life expectancy ←Extreme Poverty -.776a
HDI ← GDP per capita .252a
Median age ← Life expectancy -.846a
HDI ←Extreme Poverty -.207a
HDI ← Life expectancy .618a
COVID-19 tests ← Country Impact .922a
COVID-19 deaths ← Country Impact .791a
COVID-19 cases ← Country Impact .838a
Total vaccine doses ← Country Impact .931a
Vaccine doses per thousand ← HDI .280a
Days of vaccination ← Median age .611a
Days of vaccination ← Country Impact .249a
  1. a Sig 0.01. GDP gross domestic product, HDI human development index