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Table 1 Key elements for disability-inclusive response to COVID-19, and alignment with our methodological framework

From: Examining the role of government in shaping disability inclusiveness around COVID-19: a framework analysis of Australian guidelines

Key element Methodological theme
Recognition of the intersectional risks faced by particular populations of disabled people, including First Nations people Needs of disabled people with multiple exclusions
Access to education
Ensuring provision of and access to health care, essential support services, basic food and nutrition for all disabled people Access to healthcare
Availability of public health advice and information from national health authorities - including announcements and broadcasts - through a range of accessible formats (including sign language, digital technologies, captioning, relay services, text messages, easy-to-read formats, and plain language communications) Accessible information
Reasonable accommodations for disabled people
Inclusion of disabled people in financial security protection measures, and supporting workplaces to provide reasonable adjustments for disabled people Financial support
Implementation of specific measures to support and protect disabled people living in residential care settings Protection of people living in residential settings