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Table 1 Basic Characteristics of City A, City B, and the Average City in Guangdong (2019)

From: Hukou-based rural–urban disparities in maternal health service utilization and delivery modes in two Chinese cities in Guangdong Province


City A

City B

Guangdong Avg


4–5 million

2–3 million

5.5 million*

Annual population growth

0–1 %

6–8 %

1.5 %

Percentage of residents living in urban neighborhoods

60–70 %

80–90 %

71.4 %

Per-capita GDP (yuan)




Annual per capita GDP growth

3–4 %

6–7 %

4.5 %

  1. Note: All data are based on the annual statistical reports of the prefecture and provincial governments in 2019. To ensure the anonymity of these two cities as required by our data use agreement, we give them pseudonyms and provide ranges rather than exact figures for their demographic and socioeconomic characteristics.
  2. *This is the average population for the 21 prefecture-level cities in Guangdong.