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Table 1 Foods and drinks included in the Healthy Diets ASAP diet pricing tools [19]

From: Affordability of current, and healthy, more equitable, sustainable diets by area of socioeconomic disadvantage and remoteness in Queensland: insights into food choice

Current diet Recommended diet
• Healthy foods and drinks as per the seven food groups on the right; in reduced amounts reflecting reported intakes (ABS, 2013)
• Artificially sweetened beverages
• Discretionary (unhealthy) foods and drinks:
◦ Drinks: sugar sweetened beverages
◦ Cereals, snacks and desserts: muffin, sweet biscuits, savoury crackers, confectionary, chocolate, potato crisps, muesli bar, mixed nuts (salted), ice cream, fruit salad (canned in juice)
◦ Processed meats: beef sausages, ham
◦ Spreads, sauces, condiments and ingredients: butter, tomato sauce, salad dressing, white sugar
◦ Convenience meals: frozen lasagne, chicken soup (canned), frozen fish fillet (crumbed), instant noodles, meat and vegetable stew (canned)
◦ Fast food: pizza, meat pie, hamburger, potato chips/fries
◦ Alcohol: beer (full strength), white wine (sparkling), red wine, whisky
• Water (bottled)
• Fruit: apples, bananas, oranges
• Vegetables: potatoes, broccoli, white cabbage, iceberg lettuce, onion, carrot, pumpkin, tomatoes, sweetcorn (canned), four bean mix (canned), diced tomatoes (canned), baked beans (canned), frozen mixed vegetables, frozen peas, salad vegetables in sandwich
• Grain (cereals): wholegrain cereal biscuits (Weet-bix™), rolled oats, cornflakes, wholemeal bread, white bread, white rice, white pasta, dry water crackers, bread in sandwich
• Lean meats and alternatives: beef mince and steak, lamb chops, cooked chicken, tuna (canned), eggs, peanuts (unsalted), meat in sandwich
• Milk, yoghurt and cheese: cheddar cheese (full fat, reduced fat), milk (full fat, reduced fat), yoghurt (full fat plain, reduced fat flavoured)
• Unsaturated oils and spreads: olive oil, sunflower oil, canola (margarine)