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Table 1 Interview Questions

From: First Nations and Metis peoples’ access and equity challenges with early childhood oral health: a qualitative study

Study questions
1 Do you think healthy baby teeth make a difference in the child’s overall health?
2 Do you think what you eat and how you take care of your teeth while pregnant will affect your child’s teeth?
3 What do you think makes young kids get cavities or decay in their baby teeth?
4 How and why do you to take care of your children’s teeth?
a. What are some of the things you currently do to take care of your baby’s or young child’s teeth?
b. What are (other) things you could do?
5 Where did you learn about baby teeth and how to take care of them?
a. What or who influenced what you now know about taking care of baby’s teeth?
b. Did you find these resources respectful of your cultural traditions?
6 What do you think are the best ways to get important information and tips to parents and families to keep kids’ teeth cavity-free and avoid getting serious tooth decay?
Are there any particular places where you would like to see more information about children’s dental health? Where and from whom?
7 What are some of the challenges or problems you face when taking care of your child’s teeth?
Has this led to any problems regarding their dental health (e.g. tooth decay)?
8 What are your thoughts about getting dental work done under general anesthesia?
a. Do kids in your community go to have dental surgery in the operating room? How did it make you feel?
b. Why do you think so many kids go to the operating room?
9 Some people say tooth decay can be prevented, even in young children. What do you think about this?
10 What is the best way to get oral health information across to you?
11 Any stories you would like to share with us about your child or children’s dental experiences?