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Table 3 Summary of the cost of the IYCF support group model covered by A&T

From: Community support model on breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices in remote areas in Vietnam: implementation, cost, and effectiveness

  Unit cost (USD) No. of units Unit type Total per month (USD) 28 months of operation (USD)
Delivery costs
 Support the meeting organization 12.5 267 Villages per month 3198 89,554
 Compensate village collaborators 11 267 Villages per month 3070 85,972
 Supportive supervision by staff from commune health stations 5 78 Communes per month 374 10,465
 Subtotal      185,991
Training cost
 Per diem (7 days training) 34 1513 Trainees   50,747
 Transportation/logging 101 1513 Trainees   152,242
 Lecturers (a class of 30) 134 50 Training   6766
 Sub total      209,756
Other cost at the central and provincial levels      100,752
Total      496,500
  1. Notes: There were five meetings every 2 months (Group 1 met once a month; Group 2 met once a month; and Group 3 met once every 2 months). The cost for organizing each meeting was about USD 5 (e.g., to buy water, fruits, and other snacks). The average cost for delivery of services were USD 15 per client and USD 3 per contact (inclusive of all expenditures) and were USD 5 and USD 1 (based on village-level implementation expenditures) over the 28 months of operation